lina mastalska

lina mastalska

lina mastalska

Born in 1991, Lina Mastalska is a guitarist and composer, currently residing in Cracow, Poland.
She studied jazz guitar at Cracow School of Jazz and Contemporary Music.

Lina grew up with the music of Jeff Beck, Led Zeppelin, Albert King and Pink Floyd. When she started playing guitar, she quickly became very interested in electric jazz music and became a fan of Weather Report, as well as the leading musicians in the history of Polish and European jazz; Krzysztof Komeda, Zbigniew Seifert and Tomasz Stańko.

Lina plays mainly fingerstyle and focuses on improvisation.
She describes herself as "a blues guitarist who loves jazz harmony and rock tone".

Lina has worked with prominent Polish jazz musicians, including Marek Raduli, Tomasz Grabowy, Zbigniew Jakubek and Krzysztof Scieranski. For the last two years she’s been touring and performing with various artists, playing many different styles of music.

She’s also an established clinician who keeps a busy schedule of guitar workshops throughout Poland.

Currently she’s forming her own instrumental trio and writing music for her first solo album.